Apartments: to Buy or Not to Buy

Buy or Not to Buy

The decision to either rent or buy apartments is springing up from another decision. First a person will usually decide whether they are going to rent a place or buy one. Once the decision has been made, the next one will be whether the hire or purchase needs to be made with an apartment or a home. Both kinds of residence have their benefits and demerits. It totally depends on the person getting a home and his or her lifestyle. Whatever the decision in the end is, it should suit the pocket, the lifestyle and the decision to settle at someplace.

Consider the amenities first when you are deciding whether you want to move into the apartment or get a home. While homes offer a lot more privacy, apartments are very secure as compared to homes. Though they have had their share of accidents as well, yet you can expect the apartment neighbors to call the emergency at a faster pace than any neighborhood neighbors. Also, apartments usually have community facilities like swimming pools, libraries and gyms. If it is a gated community, then you may find it as a family living together.

Living in apartments is less costly as compared to homes when it comes to utility bills. It is not really because of sharing it with apartment owners, but some landlords do offer utility bill payment at a flat rate in collaboration with other renters. This will be needed to discuss beforehand so that one knows how much they are expected to pay as part of the utility bills. You don’t want large bills coming your way when you are least prepared for it. In this way, you can save cost on utilities because you are living with many other families and pay a flat rate.

If you are not the noisy neighbors that the next door apartment complains of then you need to worry about someone else.

There is usually one family everywhere that is causing some troubles for others. Obviously no one mentioned that apartment living is heavenly. They might not be doing it on purpose because it is no one’s fault if the baby starts crying at 2 am or if the next door kids are too rowdy after their evening snacks. You can complain in a subtle manner though but if you regard your privacy higher than anything else then it might be better to opt for a home instead of an apartment building.

While some landlords will allow you to change the interior of an apartment to some extent, many are very hard to convince even for painting the walls. If you are looking for soundproofing of the walls to extend the privacy, the landlord might give it an ear though because it would be beneficial to him in the long run because it will be adding value to the unit. You can also ask for other changes like sanitary fittings, door replacements or anything of the like that helps increase the value of the home and makes it attractive to the next group of tenants.